Backdoor SdsLabs Write Up – 2013-bin-50

Screenshot (171)

So, first of all, let’s run the strings command for the file.

Screenshot (172)

Just try all of those passwords and you will get the flag for one of them.

Another method

Or we can just try to find out how the password is made in the binary file. For this purpose, I am using IDA to get the assembly code. After running the file and searching a bit in the main function,  we get the following assembly code

Screenshot (174)

Ohkay….So there is a strcmpr function . We know that it is used to compare two strings . Above that we can see how the password is being made .

4Dh – 77 ascii value of M

61h – a

73h – s

74h – t

65h – e

72h – r

6Eh – n

61h- a

6Dh – m

65h – e

72h – r

So the password must be Masternamer

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